Monday, May 12, 2008

Here we go again !!

Well new term's coming~~ I woke up early in the morning cse i thought my class will b on 9 or 9.30~~ I went to college, i took my time table schedule. When i saw my time table n today's schedule, i din noe wer my class is !! =.= I din now wer the exactly place is. So i was looking around my college to search my class. N finally, i din find it !! =.= I came back to main block of my college n met my friend. He remembered me to check the result. Well, i went to 2nd fl. I checked n i was shocked ! Cse there's no my result at notice board, it's just a BLACK LINE which means tat i should go to SRA department. I went there n take number.

After bla bla n bla, they called my name n told me tat I FAILED perspective studies !!!! Feel like im in hell~~But, yeah, i noe mayb i'll fail tis subj since last term. But i always tried to believe tat i can pass tis. Huff* Well, wat can i say?? I cant say anything, all tat i can do is just repeating tat bloody subject ! So tis term i av 3subj only so 3days classes which are tue, wed, n thur.

Second thing ,tat make my head wants to blown out like a volcano, is about my room. I av to find new house or new room. Tis place is soooo dirty !! I cant cook cse there are alot of cockroach n louse in the kitchen or smwhere outside there !!!! I cant wash my clothes wit washing machine cse the washing machine is so dirty !! Arghhhhh~~ n oso they will increase my rental to be RM700 !! STUPID !! Live with cockroaches n i must pay 700 per month? HELL U !!

Third thing, how's my police report? How can i get it? How can i make my new i Card? Well tis thing (mayb) is not as important as the second thing !!! =.=

Time to take a nap~~
v v v v v veryy tiredd~~

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