Thursday, February 5, 2009

PROJECT is still in my side..

Huff.. I don't know what I should do.. My brain is freezing!! Yeah! It's freezing.. But it's not because of my air-cond =.=" It's because ASSIGNMENTSSS.. There are a lot of assignments now *okay, i know every 2nd term will be the busiest term* .. But all assignments, make me confused.. I'm cofunsed what should I do 1st?? It makes me BLURRY now

Last week, it was my CNY holiday.. During holiday, wat's in my mind? It was assignmentsss.. Cuz this week is full with presentation..

Okay.. I can face this.. I can pass this term.. <- This ham2 says, "I can.. I can.. I can.. "


This morning, I was vvvvvvery stupid!!! Grrrrr* Cuz my stupidity, I SKIPPED CLASS!! Here is the story.. I was editing my animation cuz WK & SC gave us chance to edit it.. Okay, I edited it.. I saved it.. But cuz I was TOO BLURRED, I saved it in my CD!! I've burnt the CD when presentation day, n I forgot that I saved it there!!!!!!!! Then what happened? Of course, NOTHING CHANGED!!!!!!! And I did flash til 4am! *cuz im trying to love actionscript* When I saw my PC clock, OMG!! It's 4.12am!!! N I have morning class! =.="

Okay, I slept around 4.30 and set my alarm 8.30am.. When my alarm rang, I guess I woke up! I woke up around 8.31 but then I set it again 8.30!!!!!!!!! N what will happen is the alarm won't ring that day but it will ring the next day!!!!! So, today I woke up 11am!! When I opened my eyes, I thought I was dreaming because the sun has already vvvery bright! I took my phone and I JUMPED!!! cuz it's 11am!!

I sat on my bed n I was thinking.. I wanted to go to class.. But if I went, of course I knew they won't take my attendance n marked it as absent.. But the lesson? Then, I decided to not come to class T____T .. So from now on, I'll use 2 handphones as my alarm!!!!!! Grrrrrrr*


Huff.. DONE!!! =.=" Then I have to make presentation kit for DSM2..


Ahaa!! Few more days to go for VALENTINE'S DAY.. For this year, I should change my mind.. Valentine's day is not only for me to spend it with boyfriend, but it can be with my best friendsss ^^ *still tryin to change my mind~huff*

Although yesterday, maybe some people read my personal message in facebook, msn, or ym dat It's written, "I'm finding boyfriend for valentine".. I'm just kidding.. WHY SO SERIOUS????

3 comments: said...

hello pink.....
pa kabar....
wah warnanya juga....mentreng............

zulsdesign said...

wah...lancar neh projectnya :D bagi bagi dung :P

bocah gatel said...

klo uda pake 2 alarm harus langsung bangun ya...
hehehe.. :D