Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy but tired and confused

Yeayyy I'm happy.. Well.. I'm happy while I'm busy.. Not only happy actually but also tired, confused..

Why am I happy? Cuz my PHOTO goes to exhibition that is organized by TerasPhotography :D I didn't expect that my photo can go to that exhibition, cuz I'm overseas now and I can't be in Indonesia within these day.. And the exhibition itself will be held from June20-July20..

And why am I confused? Cuz I can't be in Indonesia now to prepare my exhibition, the only thing that I can do is asking my dad to go for me.. :D

And why am I tired? Of course cuz within 12 days, it will be my holiday.. So.. I have to prepare my final project which is VIDEO *still editing* usually I need to stay back at school til midnite.. PHOTOGRAPHY *still need to choose the photo and edit*, WEBDESIGN *still need to do html/css/js*, MARKETING *still need to do project*, and last one is my olympus competition.. within 12 days, I shud finish it all @_@


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u-ung said...

wah gnt layout yah???cute bgt!!!