Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Phone History...

I looked at my phone.. and I was thinking.. What phones did I ever use before? It made me recalling back to what I had since I was 13 years old...

It's my first phone. Nokia 8250 from my dad as a xmas gift..

It's my second phone. Nokia 8310. Then I lost it :( *there is a story behind why it lost anyway :)*

It's my third phone. Still nokia 8310 because I really love on how small it is :) but this time is in white ^^

It's my fourth phone. Nokia 3610. I love white light since I used 8310. I forgot what happened to my 8310 :( 

Then, I wanna try other brands. So I tried Siemens C60. I used 2 phones that time, this phone and my 8250 *again* :) 

My sixth phone was Nokia 3660 because I decided to just sold my siemens c60 and change to a better camera phone. But then I lost it when I was just 1month plus in Malaysia. I dropped it in the taxi :(

My 7th phone is Nokia 7610. My mom gave it to me as a birthday gift because I lost my prev phone on my bday month.. and I still have it until now! :) I got this in 2006 anyway..

Then I got Nokia N70 as my 8th phone. It was my dad's phone but because he got blackberry so I just took this phone from him :P but then it spoiled :(

 This is my 9th phone. It is a china phone, mito, because my n70 spoiled and I don't want to ask for more :(

And here is my 10th phone. Blackberry 8900 :) 

So, in my hand now, I have nokia 7610, the china phone, and blackberry 8900 :) 

but now, I'm in love with

Nokia X5-01, the PINK one of course :D :D :D 


Nexian G788 , it only has in white but I love the white!


Phil 'o' Sophy said...

I love the colour of Nokia 3610. Nokia X-5, bentuknya unik...dan terlihat mudah di bawa...

Harya Bima said...

besok ganti I-PHONE yaaa.. :P

name isn't important said...

berulang-ulang mengihlilangkan handphone :D

yah, namanya juga abg. kita butuh handphone!!! terutama bb!!

agito-chan said...

heheheee.... banyak bener 'korban2' pink ya...???