Monday, June 30, 2008

Im (not) Okay

Okay, it's been a long time ago since my last post. I dun even remember wen my last post was. Well, dis day is my busy day. Vvvvvvvvery busy when otha pple r having fun wit their holiday!

But, im counting my days now. ^^ It's July!! ^^ So, it means 1month left~~ ^^ Im goin back to my country~ ^^ (horeeeee yg di jakarta tunggu saia ya lol) I was planning b4 wat i'll do in Jakarta. Cuz im in love with photography, so im planning to hunting picture to Batavia (Old City of Jakarta) Cuz it has a lot of old building. Yeah, i hope i can improve my skill lol* (still amateur) N anotha reason is bcuz i've nvr gone to Batavia even though I live in Jakarta~ lol*

Okay 4get about my holiday 1st. T____T now im bz (too bz) wit my assignments. I wan to sleep but i cant. N nw, i dunno wat's wrong wit my eyes -_-' It's pain =( I hope i WONT wear eyeglasses -_-' huff*

N wat happened to dis year? A lot of pple wil graduate frm their sch. -_-' I now evry year wil av alot of ppl graduated, but dis year, most of my friends wil graduate T_____T

For LMers, hanna, andre, alex, knapa kalian cepet pisan lulus e? tambah donk setaon lagi lol*
For my sista, ente juge napah cepet pisan rasa e lulus -_-' tp gpp sih ente jg di jkt wae lol~ kl itu LMers pan di malay n bkl pul indo smua T____T

N sapa lagi ai lupa d yg pasti mayan byk T_____T

Dii LV sendirian dehh~ hiks

Gud luck yg uda or mau lulusan ^^
Smoga masi betah di malay n perpanjang study dsni

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