Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fed UP !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, i cant update my blog! Huff* It's because my internet connection was sooo SUCKS !! N it made me fed up!! Well, actually there were so many things dat made me fed up yesterday~

First thing!!!
I cant go to Hongkong wit my grandpa n grandma. Huhu. So sad. cuz they're goin to HK on Jul25 til Aug8. N til Aug7 i still hv class n projects. Hmm.. Mayb will extend too til Aug13. Huhu.

Second thing!!!
My mom asked me to go back wen Hari Raya n we're goin to Bali. But i CANT !!! cuz toa's holiday for Hari Raya is jz 2days!!!! T____T I wan to go to Bali (again). It's been along time i din go to Bali. Huhu

Third thing!!!
My mom asked me to go to Thailand wit my friends. --' My holiday wit some of my friends which r close to me is differenttttt. How can i go to Thailand then??? *hope dat on Oct, Grepo can go wit me :P*

Fourth thing!!!
It's my internet connection yesterday!! I dunno why it's very slow for browsing!!!! wtf. I hate it!!!

If i cant go to HK on Aug7-Aug12. Then, i hope typo class wil finish earlier. Huhu. I wan to go out from Malay. It's so boring hereee.. I wan smtg else dat i can see~~ LOL

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