Thursday, September 11, 2008

Be Ready for My New Term

Well, new term has been started for 2days. It's different with last 2terms, I passed it forcefully. N now, i feel like i dun hv any spirit to go thru dis term. Is it because I hv too much holiday? Or am I bored wit dis life style? Although I noe wat I can do n wat I like is design, but still "where is my spirit?" Huff*

Okay, actually, deep inside my heart *cahh kata2nya* I wan to b more serious n put more effort for dis term. My dream is to b a successful person, someday. To make my dream comes true, I hv to go thru dis term forcefully. Huff*

I hvnt posted about my holiday in Jakarta. It was great *of course*. The last day of my holiday *sept7*, it was the busiest day, I think. Dat day, I was in Bandung (frm Fri). N on Sunday, I hv to go back to my home 1st to take my bag then go to airport to go back to Malaysia. From Fri til Sat, i din go to any Factory Outlet (FO) *FYI,they sell a vvvery cheap items like clothes, dresses, skirts, trousers, etc.* . So my mom asked me to go to FO on Sunday. It's sooooo last minute or last second mayb?..

Actually I planned to go back to Jakarta 10am on Monday. But cuz my mom asked me to go to FO with her, my lil bro n my grandma. Finally, 1pm I only went back to Jakarta. FYI, frm Bandung to Jakarta at least 2,5hr BUT my driver made it less than 2hr. Only 1hr45min I've arrived home. Then I put all my stuffs to my bag n went to airport.

It felt like I'm an actress n rushing my time for shooting. Wahahahha. N I arrived at my Condo around 12am. Huff*

P.S : I love dis pic.



I'll b comin back wit more things~^^

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