Sunday, September 14, 2008

New heart, New life

I just came back from Encounter Retreat~ *woohooo* It was vvvvery tired but it's AWESOME. Although my feet r very pain, I think it's bcuz I jumped too enthusiasm...? But it's not a big deal if I compare with my new heart :) N my voice was gone yesterday~ hahaa ^^

So now, it's time for me to start my new life n it's time to say goodbye to my old life. I dun wan to b d same anymore :) I'll change my life ^^

I was playing with something dat hv indeterminacy. N I wan to leave it or else I'll regret it later. I wanna quit from smtg dat's nt my future ^^ In there, I knew many pple n i could meet a great friends. I could know many characters n type of pple. But now is d time for me to hv a real n beautiful friendship from my real life :)

I wan to walk in a definitive way, in HIS way :)

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