Thursday, September 25, 2008

Postering is fun*

I've done my posters, 2posters. But I still dun hv any idea for 3rd poster eventhough I've idea for my 4th poster. N I hvnt decided what organization dat suitable for my posters. T___T I'll upload 2 of my posters with the concept/idea behind.

This is my 1st poster. It's inspired from global warming issue. I drew dis because I'm sure all of us want this kind of environment. So it's like a reminder for us to save our world and make it like dat.

With a green tree, a colorful rainbow, and a blue sky.

This poster made by hand drawing.

My original idea is something dat hv connection with world globe. Then when I saw from my reference that is zoom in to the eye part, it's inspired me to make this.

This poster made by collage.

And I still have another 2 posters dat must b done by mon/tue. And still, my animation. I've got the idea, but I still dunno how the characters look like. I hope I can settle it all tonite. :)
But so far, I found dat postering is FUN* xoxo*

FYI, still sick T___T if im too tired, I'll get fever*


kikis said...

hm... the posters are quite okay... but it'll have more impact if u didnt put any colour in it... so it's just tags with words saying... green.. blue.. colourful... and at the bottom... you can say.. "will this be the future we want?"

tha colage is kinda cool... i like the globe eye ball... but i dont see the heart....

well... doin good.. u'll improve by time... just dont shut your creativity... always be prepare for anything new... and be unpredictable... coz unpredictable means bottomless creativity... hehehe o iya... and always out of the box... and never satisfy with your first design... always improve.. improve... but knowing when to stop before it gets too much... hehehe..


piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

cieee kikis bahasanya~dsni gawsa pake english jg sih kis XDDD

makasii comment nya~
iya guw rada bingung noh slogannya.XDDD

yg itu globe nya~ ya hati aja kita ga bs liat~jadii yawd la XDD

dan itu sbnrnya poster nya harus bkin 4~
poster sisanya yg k4 guw ud dpt ide~tp yg k3 parah kosong no idea at all~

karna poster guw itu menyambung kis~yg kl k4 poster djadiin satu membentuk LOVE~


V nya pake apa ya yg nyambung dr O nya

Anonymous said...

Lucu Lipho poster ny...hehehe..
Iya tuh...kt tmn lu bnr jg Liph...
Klo gak da warna...lbh krasa meaning ny..hehe..

Ni due date ny ampe kpn?
Lu bwt research ny bwt tgs ni yah??


piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

kl gak ada warna item puti masa* karna ntr ada bagian laen lg yg hrs duotone gt* masa ane yg itu cm pake satu warna~lgan ntu kn crayon dulu trus dii scan~

due date 2mgg lagii T___T n masii ad 2poster lagehh *huff

ya lucu donkk yg buat kan juga lucu wakakakakak

Anonymous said...

halloo olii...hehhe..
aku comment ya poster anda..hehe
poster pertama.menurut aku konsepnya bagus, cuman terlalu kosong..mungkin bisa tambah sesuatu lagi..atau pohonnya lebih banyak..
poster kedua.
menurut aku..tulisannya susah dibaca lho yg warna merah..coba ganti font d..trus ga tau mau liat mana duluan...heheh
trus kan organization nya lu cari 1 bisa di apply ke 4 poster lu, biar gampang..
ya itu saja comment saya..hehehe..


piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

hhe* thx sel :)
hmm poster satu terlalu kosong yak?*
ntr kalo kramean gada space kosong nya gitu tktnya*

poster k2, itu ud dpakein layer gradient nah focus k globe nya*
kl tulisan sih emang* XDDD itu pertama kali guw gonta ganti font cari2 yg cocok*
n warna jg guw ganti2*
kl digedein jg susah tah sel?. o.O
di blog kan kecil*

Anonymous said...

yang pohon itu menurut ku masi bisa tambah dikit lagi..jangan terlalu rame juga..hehhe gpp di atur coba..kalo ga bisa ya gpp..hehe
yg font itu...ganti jenos font aja..yg agak gampang dibaca gt.. said...

COOL posters, saiii..
love the 1st-global warming.. the 2nd, love it too.. coz i have to think twice abt it.. hehehe
the 2nd, the globe should be a bit colorful, or just let it black and white.. don't let the blue affect the core of the eye..

and.. i can't see heart either..
but, it's a great job..!


piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

makasih buat yg uda kasii komen* XDDD

selvi : emg awalny pen guw tambain lg* tp nampak kek bakal full banget takut pada ga focus k pelangi nya itu* so end up ga guw tambain XDDDD

ibet : thx* kl jadi black n white , ntr ga focus. n itu lbh shiny2 kan biar pd focus ksna sih* XDDD

overall ga bs guw ganti byk*
karna mepetttt*

anyway thx yg ud kasi komen* ^^
saia senang :)