Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's been long (long long long) time ago, I din update my blog. XDD *hiperbola dkit ga lama2 banget sih plg 2mgg kale ya XDDD*

What happened within dis 2 weeks?.. Hmm.. When hari raya, I got 2days holiday *only* T_T But, as i know toa wont give any LONGGGGGGGGGGG holiday 4 their students T_T there is no 4months holiday like monash T_T within hari raya holiday, I still av to do my assignmentS. Luckily, i dun hv alot of assignments, so I can still hang out. Actually not hang out, I was jz goin to sunway university's foyer n PLAYING UNO =.=" til 6am *lol*

And the next day goin to MV which was vvvvvery crowded n there was jz a FEW bus so I must take taxi *vvvvvery expensive =.= RM40 return* then goin to Genting til 4am. It was tiring but fun *lol* n I must do my assignmentSon thur T_T

Today, I've finished my project1 of design method1 *fiuh legaaa ^^* Dis is my final outcome*

It becomes LOVE :)

Btw, within dis 2weeks, there was 1day dat's vvvery spec ^^ It was my bday n it means anotha 1step to 20 -o-' *OMG im goin 2 b older n older n older n older T_T*

Some pics frm my bday* XDDD (Oct7, 08 - 12am)

It was my bday cake*
combined frm cupcakes~
Thx guys :)

The girls*

The boys*

Spec thx to :
  • my cell group n my church friends (Ce Devi, Kher2, Lucy, Yessy, Clara, Fani, Bryan, Ko Richie, Wawan, Adrian)
  • my housemates n otha friends (Trixie, Valen, Yuli, Ong, Aldo)
  • my otha best friends (Nana *udah online pas 12am buat ngucapin^^*, Gracia *walo telat 1jm =.=*, ncim, adi, meo, hanna, riz)
  • n otha pple dat sent ur wishes by messagin, phone call, testimonial friendster, MSN, YM, skype *lol*
Thx for all bday wishes ^^ *taon ini terharu sm ultah ku XDDDD makasihh smuanyaaa*

It was d good news, n d bad news is my gastric relapse T_T til today presentation, I tried my best to restrain d pain T_T

Ok, I'll b back wit otha things*


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