Friday, October 31, 2008

1st Award *lol*

1. each blogger must post this rules
2. each blogger starts with ten random facts/habit about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names .
4. don`t forget to live them comment telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog .

Wahhh.. I'm so happy *lol* MyEm0.Com
I got award from Dobs ^^ thx alot dobs ^^ n i av to do homework for dis award~


my random facts are :

  1. I like American time which means I should sleep when asian people wake up n I hv to wake up when asian people sleep. My sleep time *if there is no morning class* can be 4am.
  2. I've ever slept for 15hours !!
  3. I dun like vegetables !!
  4. I cant sleep without my pillow *only dat pillow!!* so everytime I go back to Indo, I must bring it along with me *lol*
  5. My phobia is clown. Ok children like them so much but not me!
  6. I prefer to drink something with color n flavour than mineral water *lol*
  7. I dun like rice too much !!
  8. I have to sleep with music .. dat's why my laptop is always on although im sleeping :D
  9. In 2008, I've reached the maximum of free fiscal which are 4times!!
  10. I like pink, pig, n teddy bear vvvvery much :P

N the 10 lucky people are MyEm0.Com

1. Alvis

2. Ewink

3. Elmo

4. Diana-ang

5. Maria

6. Saru

7. Synna

8. Lisa

9. tiR

10. Zippy

Well, it's done!! ^^



3w1nk said...

pink, its done..
check my blogs..

cisthouse™ said...

Nice Blog..and Nice to Know You Pink

v3rdee said...


FaNZ said...

wah gue kagak dapet :(

tiR o sudiRo said...

srooooot! terharu sangadh sayagh!!!

makasiii makasiii.. . sayagh akan jaga baighbaigh awardnyagh!!!

pake bahasa -gh giniigh!!


Garundang said...

wow.. awarddd heheh nice huhh :)

Zippy said...

Sorrrrrry, baru bisa ngerjain tugas'x nih...
Udah gue posting di Blog gue, cek yah... :D

Akina said...

okii.. now i get it..
hahaha.. btuh wkt nyaris 3 hr bwat ngerti rules ma aturan maenna n butu bbrapa hari lge buat wondering, koq u bsa ngasi gw award y liv? wkwkwk.. scara gw jrg ngeblog.. but thx anyway.. ^^
klo gw nda lanjutin awardna gpp kan liv? coz gw ga taw mw daptarin 10 org lgina tuh sapa.. ~_~a
ga ada fren d blogger.. T,T~

piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

kl gatau mau kasi k sapa tulis aj tu buat yang baca smuanya XDDDD

iyaa blog lo lucu soale ^^