Monday, November 3, 2008

full with surprise**

By request to update my blog, so now I update my blog hehe

There is no so much important case within dis day.. But 2days ago, i was quite surprise with my self!! *why?* cuz I can do my assignment 12hours!! *almost I think cuz I hv to take bath n eat too* But I sat at foyer SUC from 11am til 2am!! *mpe ad tmn guw yg mau pegi klas liat guw, sesai klas guw masi dsna, dia pegi k mall blanja dan pulang masi liat guw dsna!!! fyi, itu satu org lho*

But the result wasn't bad, I've finished more than 50% of my assignment MyEm0.Com

N yesterday, I wore high-heels to church, it made my feet weary. Til I felt, I cant walk back home T___T

My health is dropping down down n down *ga juga seh lebay dkit aja lol* dis few days, I really like to eat chocolate!! N it makes my throat pain. MyEm0.Com n i dun hv mood to eat til now im really really really hungry T___T jz waiting my friend whether she wants to hv dinner wit me or not.. Hiks'

N d last thing is, i was quite surprise wit smtg MyEm0.Com but I cant tell u guys here *nyengir kuda*


Alviss Bell said...

wah2...pertamax nih...:D

hmm....emang sebegitu sulitnya kah pake high heels..???

hehe,,maklum, gw kan ga pernah make...ahaha....:D


piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

hha* kl gitu cobalah pake kl ga pegel2 sih hebat!! tp ga bole duduk ya diri terussssssss jalan terusssssssssss hha~

elmo said...

ah high heels emang menyakitkan.. rendam kakinya pake teh hijau :D

piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

eh rendam kaki pake teh hijau?..
kekny mndg dminum tuh teh drpd buat kaki XDDD