Saturday, May 16, 2009

All about Webdesign

I got project to redesign a commercial website. My client's justlifeshop, it's an organic shop. I like their product design, because I saw one of their product which is the milk at Jusco, Sunway Pyramid :P It's really cute that's why when I saw it in their website, I know it's the one that I saw in Jusco :P

Well here is my analysis... It's the new version since the previous one is GONE T____T

  • 4 screenshots of my client's website.

  • 4 screenshots, URL, and analysis of competitor's web.

- URL : ShopOrganic
- Analysis : We can login/regist as member. There is a search engine as well. But
     under customer service, it's something that supposed to be FAQ. And
     under "view by brand" , it looks very messy arrangement. Green is      their main color.

- Analysis : The design is different with others since they use pattern as their  background where others use plain color. Their arrangement is very  neat. And their picture is very nice. The consistency can be seen clearly. Where they have 3coloumns.

- URL : EcoDirectory
- Analysis : It's interesting from the pictures at their home, when our mouse is over, we can see full image. They have categories that make us know  very clear, but I don't know what is the number at the side of it. E.g :  Bags(53). I thought, under bags they have 53 items, but when I clicked it's just 3items. 

- URL : BuyOrganics
- Analysis :  I feel weird when I see their logo when "i" of organics is small where others are in capital.  We can see the categories clearly at left side.  They have consistency in their layout. And we can see different color  for each category. Their banner is quite interesting because they make  it in animation. 

  • 4 screenshots, URL, and analysis of other commercial webs.

- URL : SeoulComs
- Analysis : When we mouse over every menu, we can see a different and interesting effects. I like the overall website. But just they use FULL  flash and make the website very heavy.

- URL : Natuur
- Analysis : A very nice website with all the effects when we mouse over it. They  have a nice graphic as well. I like the color combination that they use. Because natural is not only green and maybe brown or peach like other organic websites that I've seen.

- URL : JoinTheHunt
- Analysis : A very nice interactive webdesign where we can walk around using our      mouse. And it makes me wants to play at this website.

- URL : Etude
- Analysis : Eventhough the website contains a lot of boxes but it's very interesting. And the color is very feminine. A very nice design, because they make it like a house, which is interesting too. And a nice effect when we  mouse over to the menu.

  • 4 URL of HTML/CSS/JS tutorial.

  • 4 URL of design tutorial.


And thank's to Not9 for dis award :D

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I would like to pass dis award to..

yulia, dioremi, zippy, nindy, becky, soza, vinna, takato, dvallen, indriana

and another award is from Sahabat Pena dari Jawa.. Thanks anyway :)



Nindy Milkysmile said...

makasih awardnya, kak ;D

Zippy said...

Wew, kupret...
Desain'x mantap2 banget...
Andai aja ada template Blogspot yang bagus kayak gitu N gratisan, hahahahha...
Thx yah bwt award'x :)

piNkkkkkkk said...

@nindy : sama2 :)

@zippy : iya bagus2 ya huhu keren skali ide mreka.. sama2 :)

Becky Regina said...

thx award na . xD