Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well.. It's my 1st week of school *again*.. Overall, it's still okay.. It's quite fun *i think*.. My subjects are videography, photography, webdesign, and marketing&consumer behaviour.. Hmm.. N it's already had assignment/projects.. This weekend must do do do do.. Huff*

After my 1st time holiday in Malaysia, and now I feel HOMESICK.MyEm0.Com Daddy, Mommy, my bro n my siz, come pleaseeeeeeee.. I hope they'll be coming to Sing end of this month :(

I got homework from Becky.. The homework requires me to TELL ABOUT MY DREAM HOME..

Alright.. I like glass house.. It could be something like this:

Front view :

Living room :

Kitchen :

Dining room :

Okay.. Dat's all :P


♥♥♥ήέ_©ħάп♥♥♥ said...

weh,,, nhe dream house,,,
aku juga mau,,,

Zippy said...

Wah, kalo kayak gitu mah gue juga mw Pink...
Keren banget rumahnya...

yuuri19 said...

thx 4 visited me!! XD
come back soon,ok??

yulia said...

sama gwe juga maw, (>__<) keren bnget dah rumahnya,

piNkkkkkkk said...

lol saia juga pengen pisann wuyyy .. berdoa saja rumah saia nantiny seperti itu :P tp ga bisa di indo tuh kl rumah kek gt.. bisa ilang barang2 scra kliatan smua.. yg ga kliatan aja bs ilang di indo aplg yg kliatan lol