Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jakarta's Diary

Jakarta week0 : full with invitation. wedding party on saturday and my sista bday party on Sunday.

Jakarta week1 : disaster week.. my car's gone. It's been taken by my own driver.

Jakarta week2 : was finding a way to get back the car.

Jakarta week3 : hang-out and birth week. New baby has borned! And went to TA & GI, watched public enemies.

Jakarta week4 : reunion week! I met my primary school friends. I was excited! Eventhough I forgot some of them, cause they look different!

Jakarta week5 : dont know yet. coming soon! It's still next week anyway.


ari said...

wahhhh sennagnya yang bisa liburan ke jkt hehehe :)

jUnE0u said...

hei howz your car now?

Zippy said...

Hmmmm, nggak ngajak2 nih, padahal ada sodara'x yg Ultah, xixixixi...

enggalicious said...

very nice blogg !!