Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's up?

What's going on my holiday? Mmm.. It was not so good at the beginning. Okay let me review what's going on, I lost my car just few days after I arrived Jakarta.. My driver took it away..

But for now, so far so good.. Well, yeah I hvnt gone to so many places yet, but soon I will :P And one thing that I want to do is photoshooting!! My hand feels very itchy now..!! I'm planning to go to old town in Jakarta.. Well, we'll see later.. ^^

What I've done during my holiday are going out with my high school friends, helping my mom's shop *opening soon*, watching DVDs, facebook-ing, and TWITTER-ing!! Fyi, I prefer twitter than plurk for now! :D

Not only that but also EATING!! Yayyy! I ate a lot of Indonesian foods!! Such as, mie ayam, bakwan malang, tahu gejrot, nasi uduk, ayam goreng kuning, pempek, chong fan, etc. Too many to be written :P And am I fatter? I think so, I dont have any bravery to weigh in my weight..


ari said...

wahhhh, sepertinya makananan enak2 pink, jadi pengen :)

tobucil said...

So sorry about the car ... moga2 gimanapun liburannya tetep menyenangkan, ya, Pink ^_^

Udah lama, ni, Tobucil nggak main ke sini ...