Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coming Up Next....

It's been 11days, I didn't update my blog. Here are some of my photographs that I took around 2-3weeks ago in Malacca :) Since I didn't upload any photo to my blog, so... here we go..

I went to Malacca to see Jonker Street for my project. And well, it's been 3years that I didn't go to Malacca. I went once when I just came to Malaysia. What I can see in Jonker is a lot of handmade stuffs which is vvvvery cheap!! So, if you come to Malaysia, don't forget to go to Malacca for eating and SHOPPING !!! =]

Other than that, I'd like to introduce a CHEESECAKE. Well, you can call it, MINI CHEESEcupCAKE =]  

They have some flavours, such as chocolate, caramel, greentea, etc. But those two pictures above are chocolate and caramel. Honestly, the cheesecake is nice, it's just too much caramel =( *fyi, the real cheesecake is inside* You can get this cheesecake at Pavilion, Starhill, Kuala Lumpur.

I'll rate this : 3.5/5 =]

Talk about rating, it's not only food that can be rated but also movie. And my last movie that I watched was 2012. And I feel sorry that it will not be screened in Indonesia since yesterday,, I guess. Well, what I like from this movie are the effect that they use and some humor scenes in strain scenes. For the story, it's not really nice, I guess..

First, it's because the ending which is TOO NORMAL for a-full-effect-movie. I mean, c'mon you could make a better ending. It's just like UNFINISHED story. Second, the storyline is just interesting at the beginning but not towards the end. Okay, only first few scenes are tighten me..

Since I love the editing and the small part of the scripts, such as when they are inside the aeroplane and want to go out from the plane using a car. The engine doesn't want to start and all people are panic.. and.... *well for those who have seen this movie should know what happen next* But I could rate this movie 4 out of 5. =]


So what's going on now is I'M SUPER BUSY WITH PROJECTS. Presentation and submission are coming soon. WOW!! Coming up next is can-not-sleep-early-everyday..

It's 20days left for me to finish my 3rd year 1st term!! *yayyyyy!! Holiday is coming soon.. Dec11, 2009 -1.55pm with Malaysian Airlines.... I'm flying back home.. =] =] =]

It's 40days left for us to end this year!! *wowww! I guess I need to think back for what I've done in this year :)


Gtg to sleep. Turn off blogger, deviantart, and twitter.. Nitoz =]


Anonymous said...

nice photographs!

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Bernadus hendy fox said...

damn ,nice photography !!
love it so much :D