Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Three Months has passed and now holiday is coming..
Again.. I need to packing up my stuffs..
Walk around shopping malls to find something for my family..

and tomorrow..
December 11, 2009..
afternoon flight, 1.55pm..
and will arrive Jakarta b 2.55pm wib..

I miss my home..
and here I come, my home sweet home..

See ya, Malaysia..
I'll see ya next year.. January 4,2010.

Happy Holiday everyone! =]


♥ ViiQii'z ♥ said...

so, welcome home, piinnkk..!

Lady Verya Delonix said...

happy holiday, sis!
do you mind if you add my fb acc?
please add me @

to be honest, i wanna know you and learn more bout blogging (it's old stuff, how old me! lol)

日向ヒナタ pι-chαn said...

happy holiday pink :)