Monday, June 2, 2008

Mr Projects n Mrs.Assignments, I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!

Well well well~~
Long time i din write blog^^* Im too bz to write dis. Huhu. N i was sick! yes im sick!! OMG~ Y shud i sick within dat week??? Mr. Projects n Mrs. Assignments r waitin 4me. T________T

Im bz wit assignments n coming soon projects. Im bz to pack my things cse im moving out to new room. YEAH!!! FINALLY !!! Im out frm dat sucks house!! YAHOOOOOOOOO !! Hir is better OF COURSE~ I can cook, I can watch TV, I can sit at living room, n DUN NEED TO WEAR MASK wen i come in to house~~ ^^

It's June ^^ Welcome June. N it means 4days frm now, is my dad's bday ^^* He's getting old )= n me as well cse 4months after my dad's bday is my bday. N im gettin oldddd T___T 19 huh~ n next year? 20? OMG~ So old n too old~~ lol*

So many things happened within dis few days. Like *hmm* one of my friends. I was shock anyway. Cse she's in a relationship now. It's not bcse she has boyfren but bcse her bf is A BASTARD!! SUCKS!! Fcuk man! REAL BASTARD~ n i dunno hw to tell her. cse im sure, she wont believe me n so on n so for. Jz let my friend do. I hope she'll noe dat her bf is a REAL BASTARD. =.="""

N otha things is my relationship. Huff* I dun mean to publish dis thing. But..... I need to say dis to make me feel better @.@ usually like dat! ^^ Hmm~ He's kind, care n can understand me (so far). But 1 thing. Wer's his time? Ok, i understand wen he has job. I can understand dat. But his job is over on June1. Huff* n 2day? I asked him to stay at home n wit dat words I mean "can u spend ur day for me?". But he cant. He chose to hang out wit his friends. Well, okay. I'll try to understand him (again), mayb he wans to av fun wit his friends. Okay then. wat i can do jz keeps silent n say yeah sure u can or up to u.Need more patient for dis. Okay 4get it cse I think I feel better now. :P it's so fast, isnt it??:P hihi

I gtg. Im on a date wit Mr.Projects. Huff*

Nitez everyone~


Anonymous said...

N keep patience..
Trs...smga tmn lu baik"ja d..
Gud luck with UR assgnments...

piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

wahahhaa pasti grepo~~

iahh ^^
i'll try my best :)

ud kok dia bae2 aja wahahaha

Akina said...

hahaha.. lolx.. my boy jga kyk getuw.. tiap x chat bntar.. psti de.. ada SEGUDANG alesan.. maw tidur la, maw mandi la mw fitnes laa maw ini la itu laaaaa! brb keki.. lols.. wkwkwkk.. cman mw gmn lg ya.. cman isa sabar" aja ma cowo" ituw.. T_T *Liz

piNkaHoLiCiOuS said...

hihi ya gitu deh~harus bersabar~dan extra sabar ^^* kl itu sih dia kbykn kerja, cape, jadi ya waktu smakin dikit d~~LOL