Monday, May 25, 2009

Project Concept Proposal

Project Concept Proposal

- Project Definition

I've given a project to redesign a commercial website which is JustLifeShop

JustLife is an organic retail franchise since February 2005. It is founded and under the management of justlife group sdn bhd. 

Their passion is for a career that inspires the love for nature and the respect for life.Justlife's brand is home reputable and they have international brands from New Zealand, Australia, France, Austria, UK, Italy, 

Germany, and South America as well.

And my project scope is to create minimum 8html pages that shows at least 3 levels of content structure.

- Current Site's analysis Goals

Currently this website uses white and green color as their main color. For me it can be improved by adding some texture since 

most of the shops are wooden textures. So the design can be improved with wood texture as site's background than just a white color background.

The page that can be improved is contact page. I feel the contact page will be better with contact form so it will be easier for customer as well. Other than that, we can see a lot of banners at home page. It can be arranged better than now.

- Client's Analysis

Justlife is the first approved organic retail franchise by Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative since Feb 2005. It is founded and under the management of justlife group sdn bhd. Their first organic shop was started in 1999 when organic was still new to Malaysians.

Their retail concept goes beyond just selling organic products. justlife reflects their passion for a career that inspires the love for nature and the respect for life.

Their aim is in cultivating awareness for a chemical-free lifestyle and promoting values for authentic quality product remain strong. Love nature, respect life.

- Short and long time site goals

We can see at about us page, they say WE REJECT GMOs which is Genetically Modified Organisms. Because this genetic engineering enables scientists to create plants, animals and micro-organisms by manipulating genes in a way that does not occur naturally.

And they also support SAY NO TO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS which means vegetables and fruits without pesticides, shampoo without SLS and cola without colourings. Just all without harmful chemicals or synthetic additives.

- Target Audience.

In this website they do so many events which most is for teenagers. So I can say their primary target audience is teenagers from 17-25 years old. And their secondary target is adults from 30-40 years old. 

- Competitor's Analysis

  • Primary
 Their primary competitor would be country farm because if I see in the market, there are a lot of country farm products. Eventhough their packaging is standard but they have a lot of things and it will take customer attention when they're searching for any organic foods. Their tagline is "Bring Home Organic For Less". And so far Country Farm is one of the leading 

players in the Malaysian organic industry. It is the only company that offers a comprehensive range of organic products and services.

 Their mission is introducing affordable quality organic food to the general public in Malaysia and the surrounding regions through its wholesales, retail outlets, restaurants cum cafes and its many licensees.

  • Secondary
 Their secondary competitor would be Native Organics. This company's brand is not as many as Country Farm's brands but their packaging and their website is not bad. Their concentrate is organic sugar. They have awarded so many certifications, it can be seen at the bottom of their site.

 Their mission is to explore the potencial of the sugar cane and of other agroindustrial products, through the search for a technology to produce with competitiveness, preserving the safety and the environment.




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