Sunday, October 25, 2009

Motion By Accident

It's not a boring time..
It's not the time for me to choose..

It's 3D time.. And, finally, my 3D is going to be textured!! fufufu*

I just learned 3d for 1,5 months.. 


Time to go back to another project..
And it's just 47 days to go!!
So, Jakartaaaaaaaa I'm comiiiiiiiinnnnggggg back soon..
Bandung, wait for me..


Yofany said...

love it. keren 3d nya.!sukasuka! :D

ari said...

wahhh liburan ni ya pink ^_^ dengan tugas kul yg banyak ya??

piNkkkkkkk said...

@yofany . thx :)

@ari . blm liburan. lg sibug skali skarang.

Anisady said...


I love violin =)