Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When A Boring Time Came...

When a boring time came..

What am I gonna do?
Doing assignments?? NO!! 
Even assignments are some boring things to do! -_-'
Nothing I could do..

Just sitting at somewhere..
Holding my pencil with a sketch book in front of me..

And the flashback started..
When I was a junior high school student..
When the first time I knew something called..

And I did compare myself..
Before and after..
I was happy and exciting to know more about love..

Not for now..
I don't even want to know about it..
I don't even care about it..
It's useless.. It's gone.. and it's never ever come back..


When a boring time came..

What did I do?
Combining words into paragraph..
Combining paragraphs into....poem??

Well.. I don't even know what I have done..
Maybe I can call it.. Sound of My Heart?? :P

Tak urung ku tersanjung
dengan kicauan burung
yang bersenandung
dengan bisikan nan mendung

(I like to hear bird's sound.. When they're singing in the morning..)

ku tak mampu bergeming
mendengar suara yang berdenting
tak ingin bersaing
tak sanggup bersanding

(There are unspoken things in my heart.. Sometimes I wanna shout it loud, but I know.. it's useless..)

cintaku yang usang
hanya mampu dikenang
cinta itu tlah hilang
menggembara keluar dari sarang

(The unspoken things have worn out.. Til I don't even know where that things have gone..)


When a boring time came..

I couldn't help myself from sleepiness..
I couldn't make my eyes open..


Zippy said...

Wew, sampai segitunya yah...??
Semoga aja rasa penat itu segera ilang :)

Yofany said...

kamuu bagus bgt nulisnyaa. hihi :)

mkaasi yaa. scarftnya bli di mangdu klo g salah. hihi :D

Querra said...

nice poeeem..^^

numpang lewaaat jgaa..... anybody wants to try oatmeal mask?.. homemade..xixixi~ visit my blog..^^

Helena Hotmonica said...

puisi nya bagus.